Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality

 Ermanno Palace Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality  Ermanno Palace 3rd Floor Monaco Hospitality  Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Hospitality
7th  Floor Ermanno Palace   3rd Floor Ermanno Palace   Yacht Hospitality
In our estimation, our Ermanno Palace 7th Floor Suite offers the best possible vantage point of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, with unprecedented views of 70% of the circuit. The suite has abirds-eye view of the starting straight and Beau Rivage, as well as a clear line of sight from the tunnel exit all the way through to Rascasse. Though not as high as our 7th Floor Ermanno Palace Suite,the 3rd floor still offers comprehensive views of the start line and first corner, as well as a buffet luncheon, drinks galore, and a giant screen to stay up to date with the race. With its birds-eye view over turn 1, our 3rd floor suite is never short of action. Monte Carlo is one of the best places to experience thespectacle of Formula One; just feel the glamour with our yacht hospitality package. From our luxury 45m tri-deck super yacht moored trackside, you can watch the Grand Prix in the most luxurious of surroundings. Resplendent hospitality and an invite to the exclusive onboard party on Friday.
Saturday & Sunday    £2,250 GBP Saturday & Sunday    £1,295 GBP Saturday & Sunday    £2,995 GBP
 Monaco Yacht and Terrace Grand Prix Hospitality  Monaco Yacht and Terrace Grand Prix Hospitality  Fairmont Hotel Grand Prix Hospitality
Yacht & Terrace Combo 1   Yacht & Terrace Combo 2   Fairmont Stadium Seats
The best of both worlds: spend Saturday on our 45m tri-deck trackside super yacht andSunday on the Ermanno Palace 7th Floor . The best of both worlds: spend Saturday on our 45m tri-deck trackside super yacht andSunday on the Ermanno Palace 3rd Floor . Unobstructed views over the Iconic Fairmont Hairpin with a specially constructed grandstand on the Fairmont Hotel roof top. Enjoy a party atmosphere from this pool-side location. A light pool-side buffet lunch is served includeing wines, beers and soft drinks.
Cost                              £2,795 GBP Cost                              £1,995 GBP Saturday & Sunday    £1,090 GBP
 Virage Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality  Fairmont Monaco VIP Suite Grand Prix Hospitality  Midi-Terrace-Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality
Virage at Tabac Corner   Fairmont VIP Suite   Midi Terrace
A truly unique race viewing experience where you can watch as the cars race directly toward this trackside restaurant. Right in the heart of Monaco harbour opposite the super yachts. This includes wines, beers and soft drinks. A world famous viewing location with unobstructed views over the iconic Fairmont Hairpin.Intimate sized and sheltered viewing balconies with adjoining hospitality suite.Fully catered hospitality with an open bar including Champagne, fine wine, beers and soft drinks. Stunning views over the Beau Rivage Straight, Saint Devote Corner and the Harbour. A spacious outdoor terrace with shelter and a giant screen directly opposite the terrace.Fully catered hospitality including an open bar with Champagne, fine wine, beers and soft drinks.
Saturday & Sunday    £1,285 GBP Saturday & Sunday    £1,400 GBP Saturday & Sunday     £1,945 GBP
 Joel-Robuchon-Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality  Garnier Suite Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality  VIP Experiences at the Monaco Grand Prix
Joel Robuchon Terrace   Garnier Suite   VIP Extras
High speed views of the cars as they exit Casino Square and tackle Mirabeau Corner. Our guests will be seated in the front line of tables on the trackside terrace. Superb fully catered hospitality from this 2* Michelin restaurant with fine wines, beers and soft drinks. Superb first floor views over Casino Square. Large and spacious facility for VIP guests with additional access to the Garden Terrace, Hotel de Paris. Fully catered hospitality including Champagne, fine wine, beers and soft drinks. This is the finest race viewing location in the Hotel de Paris. We have access to all the VIP extras, that make a Monaco weekend, just that little bit extra special. These include:

  • Friday night Yacht parties
  • Exclusive Team Parties
  • Pit Lane Walks
  • Drinks with current &
  • retired F1 Drivers
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Nightlife
Saturday & Sunday    £1,710 GBP Saturday & Sunday    £3,885 GBP Call us for pricing
 Fashion- Amber Lounge - Monaco Grand Prix  Drinks with F1 Legends Monaco Grand Prix  Private Yacht Charter Monaco Grand Prix
Amber Lounge Fashion   Drinks With F1 Legends   Private Yacht Charter
Established in 2006 under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the ultra-glamorous Amber Lounge Fashion Show is a prestigious charity event. For those who manage to secure a ticket, it represents the most anticipated event in the F1 social calendar.Accompanied by grid girls and supermodels, a host of F1 drivers swap the cockpit for the catwalk to showcase collections from international labels such as Hervé Léger, Jimmy Choo and La Perla. Join us in the Hotel de Paris on Friday evening to meet some of the F1 drivers, past and present. This exclusive event is the ideal opportunity to meet the drivers before the main racing of the weekend has begun and ask them about the famous street circuit and any other questions you may have. Your own yacht for a week with a track-side berth in the Marina.Enjoy the full atmosphere of everything that Monaco has to offer. Stay on board for the week and invite your guests on throughout the week and over the weekend to enjoy full race day hospitality.
Cost:                     Please Enquire Cost                                 £390 GBP €POA
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